So The MFD4 Secret Company Is NetAlly

“New but somewhat familiar” has been the way I have heard NetAlly described the main reason for this is they acquired the hand held network test tools from NetScout. And I like most wireless engineers love my AirCheck G2. They are a separate independent company and as Mike Parrottino the CEO of NetAlly this “allows them to be more nimble and entrepreneurial”


Since the acquisition they have been busy updating and developing new tools (I can speak about one of these new tools later this year) and I can say the future looks good for our trusty Network Test Tools like the AirCheck G2 and LinkRunner, and the newer tools coming. They are busy with the R&D of their product and focusing on three sections:

  • Client Side Troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure Visibility
  • Simplifying complex tasks

Check out the MFD4 presentation here:

From MFD4 one of the biggest take a ways was the way the company spoke openly about their products like what’s happening with Air magnet. The stated that they are working hard to put together a roadmap for the product and are exploring 3 different paths for it:

  • Built a new product / building it back up from the ground up
  • Acquire a partner to bring solution
  • True partnership – provide something unique.

I am quite excited about the prospects of this, as with most of us in the industry we started with Air magnet as the product of choice. I do think they will have a long way to go to be able to catch up to the other site survey tool sets in the market, so think the option of acquiring or partnership will probably be the way forward.

I also loved the way they said that customer feedback is important to them, as I have always found that companies who are willing to accept customer feedback and integrate this into their products turn out to be the products I love to use.

Now lets look at some of the feature enhancements that became available on the AirCheck G2  with the just released firmware 4.0:

  • Wi-Fi 6 Visibility
    • Identifying 802.11ax Devices
    • Identifying 802.11ax Networks
    • See 802.11ax Device Details
    • It does not include a 802.11ax NIC
  • iPerf test Results to Link-Live
    • Now iPerf results will be uploaded to Link-Live
    • Analyse network performance from anywhere and anytime
    • Generate reports
    • Ability to add comments to the upload.
  • Log Files on Link-Live
    • Simplify the process of analysing connection or roaming problems from Link-Live
      • Connection logs
      • Roaming logs
  • Wi-Fi Analysis through Link-Live

And also announced new Link-Live4.0 version features:

  • Link Live API

To watch the MFD4 presentation on the latest AirCheck G2 version 4.0 software release and related enhancements in the Link-Live cloud service:

To check out the rest of the NetAlly presentations from MFD4 head over to

To find out more about NetAlly head over to

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