Smart Antenna 4G

So your mobile phone reception in you building sucks what are your options? Well there are a few options depending on your location:

  • Enable WIFI Calling and use WIFI to back hall your calls
    • Open Roaming is a good solution to save the clients
  • Install a DAS solution
    • Issue is this is expensive
  • Private LTE or CBRS
    • Might not be available in your region
  • Utilise a coverage extension device
    • Best to confirm with your cellar provider as some of these have regulatory requirements.

Whilst conducting some site surveys I have come across a few of the coverage extension devices from a service provider in Australia called a Telstra Smart Antenna 4G.

Now this Smart works by placing one “box” in an area where you have 4G coverage and another where you don’t have 4G reception. They create a WIFI link between them to relay the mobile data/ calls. Now the documentation says they will try and avoid existing WIFI but this does not always happen, and when they are talking channel utilisation from them is 80-100%

Now this might not be an issue depending on your wireless network and the particular channel it decides to use (I am yet to find any way to lock down what channel/s it can use) but it might be which is why looking at other solutions to fix mobile coverage might be a better option.

In an upcoming post ill cover off OpenRoaming and how it can allow users to seamlessly connect to your network and utilise cellar offload to the wireless to enable everyone to have a good experience both from the wireless and cellar networks in a site that has poor cellar reception.

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