CWNE Study Notes

This Page is to link all my study notes taken whilst studying for the CWNE.

Certified Wireless Network Administrator – CWNA

CWNA Chapter 1 – Wireless Standards, Organizations and Fundamentals

CWNA Chapter 2 – Radio Frequency Fundamentals

CWNA Chapter 3 – Radio Frequency Components, Measurements, and Mathematics

CWNA Chapter 4 – Radio Frequency Signal and Antenna Concepts

CWNA Chapter 5 – IEEE 802.11 Standards

CWNA Chapter 6 – Wireless Networks and Spread Spectrum Technologies

CWNA Chapter 7 – Wireless LAN Topologies

CWNA Chapter 8 – 802.11 Medium Access

CWNA Chapter 9 – 802.11 MAC Architecture

CWNA Chapter 10 – WLAN Architecture

CWNA Chapter 11 – WLAN Deployment and Vertical Markets

CWNA Chapter 12 – WLAN Troubleshooting and Design

CWNA Chapter 13 – 802.11 Network Security Architecture

CWNA Chapter 14 – Wireless Attacks, Intrusion Monitoring and Policy

CWNA Chapter 15 – Radio Frequency Site Survey Fundamentals

CWNA Chapter 16 – Site Survey Systems and Devices

CWNA Chapter 17 – Power over Ethernet (PoE)

CWNA Chapter 18 – 802.11n

CWNA Chapter 19 – Very High Throughput (VHT) and 802.11ac

CWNA Chapter 20 – Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Unfortunatly I have lost the notebook where I took all my notes for the rest of the CWNP tracks. If I happen to find them I will write them up and publish them. I have learnt my lesson and have moved to utilising Onenote on the Surface Pro to take all the notes for CCIE-W Wireless