#MFD4 – Thats a wrap

As I sit at SFO airport waiting to board my ridiculously long flight home – Why don’t we have transporters yet? I take time to reflect on what an experience and a privilege it was to be a delegate at Mobility Field Day 4.


For those of you who haven’t heard of Mobility Field day check out my earlier post about it here or to get more information on #MFD4 and the other Tech Field Days head over to techfieldday.com 

One of the things that defiantly made MFD4 for me was getting to hang out with a  great set of delegates, support staff and presenters. The best part was I got to meet so many friends from the wireless community who I had only interacted with online finally in person.

MFD4 Delegate Group Photo

There were a number of great presentations from may wireless companies presented and over the next few weeks – after I have recovered from the jet lag I will no doubtably experience when I get home – I will be posting some detailed posts on what each of the presenters showed and my take on what they had to see so stay tuned.

Also be sure to keep an eye on my fellow delegates upcoming blog posts and podcasts about this fantastic event. For information on each of the delegates check out the official #MFD4 page https://techfieldday.com/event/mfd4/

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