NetAlly EtherScopre nXG Hands-on

So thanks to NetAlly and their Australian Reseller Secnet Pty Ltd I have been able to get my hands on the NetAlly EtherScope nXG.

This will be a quick review on the NetAlly products, including some hinting at the release of the EtherScope nXG  in my #MFD4 post here.


The EtherScope nXG is an “all in one test tool”, so no need to carry both the AirCheck G2 and a LinkRunner AT to site to ensure that you can troubleshoot both the wireless and wired sides of the network. Which means less equipment to pack which is a huge bonus if you are like me an quite often need to fly to different sites for investigations. The other huge advantage is it is able to be charged via USB-C or POE so that’s one less power cable I have to remember to pack.

Ok so what is this new tool and why do you have to have one? I hear you ask?

So apart from the fact that I now don’t have to carry 2 test devices to do wired and wireless troubleshooting, can leave multiple chargers at home which is huge when trying to get the weight down in my bags for flights.

The EtherScope does the following from a wired side that the LinkRunner couldn’t:

It can do:

  • 10Gig (UTP and Fibre) testing with line rate performance testing
    • 10/100/1000Mbps to 2.5/5/10G
  • Packet Captures for both wired and wireless
  • Throughput testing using the Test Accessory or IPERF server
  • Verify POE from Switch up to 90W
  • Come with a complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service stores test result and site data upload for automated reporting and documentation
  • Built-in Bluetooth v5/BLE and USB interfaces to discover and configure nearby device
  • Wireless Supports native 4×4
    • 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (wave 2) Wi-Fi network connectivity
    • Wi-Fi 6 network visibility
    • Analysis of SSIDs, BSSIDs, channel, client devices, and interference sources
  • And it runs on Android OS so can install additional APPs from their APP store (not the Google Play Store)

The EtherScope can also be managed via VNC so you can remote access it if you are using a junior engineer or non technical person to physically walk around for you

Here are a few screen shots I took of the EtherScope:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I found the UI very easy to run through, and it links various pages and reports to others allowing you to easily drill down rather than going back to the start to look at something in more detail.

This new tool is going to become a favourite of both wired and wireless engineers alike


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