Mobility Field Day 4 – Here I Come

As I sit in the QANTAS Club awaiting the 2 hours before I can board my 15 hour flight to San Francisco to attend Mobility Field Day 4 as a delegate I realise I forgot to post about #MFD4 up until now.


What is Mobility Field Day you might ask, well its an event ran by Tech Field Day focusing on Wireless where they get a bunch of respected wireless community members to come in from all around the world and put different vendors in front of them to both pitch their new products/ designs and allow the delegates to “grill” them with their views on what they are selling be it positive or negative. For those of you who haven’t seen mobility field day before heard straight over there and check it out

When the event is live most of the panels will be live streamed via here:  and a few other channels. Feel free to get on Twitter and join in the discussions with the hash tag of #MFD4

Now there are a number of different vendors appearing this year:

Whats the secret company you ask, well you will have to tune in to Mobility Field Day 4 on Wednesday 14th August (US Time) to find out.

Now keep an eye out for future posts from myself (if i survive the 18-19 hour flight back to Melbourne) and fellow delegates and join in the conversation on Twitter using #MFD4


2 thoughts on “Mobility Field Day 4 – Here I Come

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