AI Field Day Is Coming

I spotted a Twitter post this morning announcing that the Tech Field day is expanding to add a new Field Day that being AI Field Day to the mix. This field day will focus on Enterprise Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics.

I am excited about this, us in the tech industry have been hearing at various field days over the past couple of years about how particular companies are implementing AI/ML to complement their tech solutions, but unleashing AI/ML into its own Field Day could potentially seeing new companies talking about AI/ML for fields outside IT.

I am especially interested to see if we are going to get some new companies to present for the first time at a Field Day event. Now I say that as long as one of those new companies isn’t Skynet to talk about their AI advancements in Defence technologies.

This is what happens when Skynet from 'Terminator' takes over the ...

Ok jokes aside I am really looking forward to seeing what AI Field Day has to offer.

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