NETCONF /YANG with a 9800 Part 1: Setting up the 9800

So in order to use NETCONF/YANG with the 9800 controller you need to set it up first. Like most things with a wireless contoller you can do this via the CLI or WebUI so we detail each here:

Configuring NETCONF/YANG via WebUI

From the side menu select Administration

Select HTTP/HTTPS/Netconf

Under Netconf Yang Configuration mark it as enabled and note the port its configured to, by default its 830. I recommend not changing it unless you have to.

Configuring NETCONF/YANG via CLI

So from the CLI its a rather simple command to enable NETCONF/YANG

9800WLC#configure terminal


And then to verifiy that its been enabled you just do a show command. If netconf-yang is running, all the processes except gnmib should be UP state

9800WLC#show platform software yang-management process

confd           : Running
nesd            : Running
syncfd          : Running
ncsshd          : Running
dmiauthd        : Running
nginx           : Running
ndbman          : Running
pubd            : Running
gnmib           : Not Running 


So we now have the 9800 ready to access via NETCONF. In the next part we will look at how to use the Advanced Netconf Explorer.

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