WLC WebUI to CLI Mappings – Part 1 WLAN TAB => WLAN

So as part of my CCIE Wireless Studies I found that my knowledge of the WLC CLI commands was quite limited and I struggled to find a complete resource of these mappings other than looking up multiple Cisco documentations.
So I have been putting together a mapping of the WLC WebUI to CLI commands. I am also looking at some further use cases of these commands such as creating an automated way of building as-built and audit documents from the WLC configs, if this is successful Ill be sure to write up a post on that.

This will be a multi part series of posts showing the commands of the most used WLC features/ tabs and their corresponding CLI commands. In future posts I might go into depth of what each of the options is actually doing.

Will be starting off with the WLANs Menu on the WLC.

NOTE: For some of the screenshots I have modified the layout to make it easier to add the CLI commands next to the WebUI options. Also some screenshots were taken from a production WLC so I have blacked out some field values. These options/ commands screenshots and commands were from 8.5.x train of the WLC code.


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