Netscout Aircheck G2 V2 and Test Accessory

Last week Netscout released their Aircheck G2 V2 update (software update to the G2 for all customers with current support agreements, no need to purchase new hardware).

What’s New:

This update brought with it:

  • Captive Portal connectivity
    • One of the features I have wanted to be brought to the Aircheck for awhile, allowing us to be able to test Captive Portal Wireless Networks
    • From the connect to a network, you can set Captive Portal to be On or Off for that network.
    • When attaching to a network configured as a captive portal network, the AirCheck G2 will open a web browsing screen for the user to provide any necessary interaction.
    • Important Notes: 
      • Some web pages contain small features (such as check boxes) that can be difficult to accurately interact with unless the page is zoomed in.
      • Secondary pop-up windows (such as opening a Terms and Conditions form) that open off the main Captive Portal page are not supported.
  • Interferer Detection and Classification
    • Aircheck G2 now detects interferersuch as Microwave ovens or wireless cameras.
    • If the AirCheck G2 believes the devices is operating with enough power and regularity to interfer with your Wi-Fi Network, it will attempt to identify an interfering device and (if identified) an interferer event will be logged.
    • The Aircheck G2 also has the ability to locate the interferer saving you having to search large areas for a cordless phone or microwave.
  • IPerf testing
    • Finally the G2 supports IPerf testing, either to your own IPerf server, great feature as now allows you to do real throughput testing of the wireless without having to resort to utilising from you phone.
    • iPerf tests can be run for TCP traffic or UDP. All performance tests will be run based upon the traffic type selected here.
  • Test accessory (POE powered IPerf server)
    • Effectively a zero touch IPerf Server/ Client, just connect to a wired port and the G2 will automatically list on the AirCheck G2
    • If AirCheck G2 has Link-Live connectivity, it will pull a list of available Test Accessories from the cloud
    • This Test Accessory will require you to purchase one using part number: XXXX
  • Authorization Classes
    • Users can now mark APs as Authorized, Unauthorized, Neighboring, or Flagged.
    • APs can be sorted by authorization class, and the updated AutoTest can now report on any APs that have been marked as Unauthorized or Flagged that are heard during the test scan.
    • Users can set up a ‘default’ setting to be used for any APs heard that do not already have an assigned Authorization class.
    • If ‘None’ is selected, then no ACL will be assigned and that AP will not indicate any ACL icons in the AP listings.
  • Save a Packet Capture
    • Now when saving a session file, the user also has the option to save that information as a PCAP. The capture file is automatically set to slice packets at 512 length. Packet capture files can be exported from the unit via a supported USB thumb drive.
  • Supported Rates vs. Basic Rates
    • Its nice to be able to separate the rates information the AirCheck provides on an AP into Supported vs. Basic rates, so that the user could see explicitly how the AP was configured. This change has been made to the AP Details screen, so both pieces of information are now available.
  • Channel Overlap
    • The G2 now offers a better way to visualise the channel overlap in the area. This is similar to how other programs like Wifi Exporer and inSSIDer show them.
    • This view is now available at the tap of a button from the Channels screen.


I had the presure of being able to give the device a test drive and found the following:

I have been a big fan of the Aircheck since the original, and consider it a mandatory piece of equipment for any one managing a wireless network. The updates to the G2 further enhance its ability and now bring a few new tools into the one item, that I would have otherwise had to carry/ purchase.

I would love to see a future Aircheck, have the ability to also do Spectrium Analysis but this will likely require new hardware to be purchased.

Want One – I know you do:

For Australians looking to purchase the Aircheck G2 and/or Test Accessory please reach out to SecNet Comms to arrange a demo and/ or a quote

For internationals looking to purchase the Aircheck G2 and/or Test Accessory please check out the Netscout website

Already Have A G2 and want to upgrade:

If you have MasterCare support on your current Aircheck G2 the upgrade is available for download here

Further Infomation:


I was provided with the Aircheck G2 and Test Accessory by Secnet Comms in order to utilise for this review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.

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