Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Well what is the Cisco CMX product? It is the replacement to Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE) in the sense that it can show you where wireless devices are on a map.

The two big differences are that CMX is now a stand alone application (altho it does require connections to WLCs, Prime). Cisco have removed the WIPS feature of the MSE  from CMX and is WIPS is currently undergoing its own stand alone re-write.

CMX has been focused more at the business intelligence with the ability to analyze visitor behaviour whilst they are on your site. This is done with heat mapping and analytical reporting.

CMX has also introduced a very nice Guest Wireless Portal, that allow easy guest login via self registrations or social media (Facebook, instagram and foursquare, with the more scheduled to be released soon) OAuth Login and a few other options.



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