As stated I have decided to attempt to achieve certification as a CWNE prior to coming back and doing the CCIE Wireless Path.

For those who aren’t familiar with the CWNE Certification, this post is to detail the path required to achieve CWNE Certification.


The CWNE consists of 4 exams and after passing each of these exams you need to apply to be granted CWNE Certification.

In order to apply you need to have the following:

  • A minimum of three years of verifiable, documented, full-time professional work experience related to enterprise Wi-Fi networks
  • Three endorsement forms from people familiar with your enterprise Wi-Fi work history are required.
  • Documented activities according to the following schedule:
    • Publication
    • Project documentation
    • IT certifications
  • Two (2) current, valid networking certifications from non-CWNP certification providers in any of the topics below

The four exams that you need to pass are:

  • CWNA – Certified Wireless Network Administrator
  • CWSP  – Certified Wireless Security Professional
  • CWAP  – Certified Wireless Analysis Professional
  • CWDP  – Certified Wireless Design Professional

4 thoughts on “CWNE

  1. Karel Venter

    Hi Haydn. I stumbled across your CWNA chapter notes whilst searching the internet for more detail regarding the scope of IEEE Standards in the CWNA exam.

    My compliments as your notes seem to be quite concise and thorough. Would you mind me using them as “recap sessions”?

    Also, how would I go about getting updates as to when you post the next chapter?

    I’ve spent more than 10 years in the wireless industry all over Africa and thought it about time to “certify” all my vocational learning and experience. So far it looks like ~60% of the CWNA curriculum is basically just recapping on what I’ve learned though experience but they do seem to want you to memorize a lot of theory (which my ADD is a bit adverse to).

    Anyway, great work so far.

    Karel Venter
    South Africa
    Skype: karelventer


      1. Karel Venter

        Understood. Thank you.
        Quick question, I’ve been worried about the age of the current version of the CWNA exam (CWNA-106). Have you perhaps had any wind of when / if they will be retiring the current version?


      2. Hi Karel,
        From there is detils that each CWNE exam is updated around every 3 years.
        In the forum there is mention that the CWNA-106 exam will be updated something in the first half of 2017


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