Mist a refreshing experience when you need a support case

So at #MFD4 I was given a nice shinny new Mist AP43 complete with the MFD4 decal:


When I got it i had grand plans of getting it into my lab and putting it through its paces well work and life got stupidly busy and that got delayed.

Only recently did i install the AP and get a few SSIDs up and running, well that was the easiest thing I have ever done. I created an account, made an organisation and claimed the AP and then plugged it in blame it was online in no time at all.

I then created a few SSIDs and was able to connect no problems.

I then decided to start playing around and trying some different things and I hit a few issues:

  • Per user PSK – easy – although i wanted to drop each user off into a different VLAN based on the PSK they came in from could I find how to do that No.
  • SSID drop off onto a different VLAN than the native VLAN – well it sort of worked for anything other than dropping into VLAN 1 which wasn’t the native VLAN
  • Legacy security encryptions (WPA TKIP only and Mixed mode) I couldn’t for the life of me find an option for this
  • Mavis Licensing didn’t seem to be working

So I decided since all my contacts at Mist were busy at WLPC to go down the path of logging a support ticket to Mist. Now I was wondering how this would go considering I am not a paying customer and only got a free AP but decided to try anyway.

Emailed support@mist.com and within 10minutes I had a reply from someone advising:

  • Unfortunately currently you cant via the WebUI do the per user PSK to different VLANs but it can be done via API, here is the document and do you want a call to go through getting this working. I took a look at the API doc and decided it was rather straight forward so declined the call to try myself first.
  • Advised they would need some time to look into the VLAN issue, to which they came back a day or two later to advise the issue was a configuration issue, that I had not assigned the AP into the native VLAN and Mist took VLAN 1 as the native if the AP was not defined to a VLAN – So user error.
  • The legacy SSIDs they said give us a few and we will get it sorted, an hour later I got an email to advise to re-login and they will be there and they were.
  • Mavis they fixed in no time as well

What I really liked is no where in the entire process was I asked to provide OTAs, debugs, controller configs, what version I was running or all the normal stuff that vendor support normally asks for.

What I also liked is no time was I asked even for a serial number to confirm I had a support agreement. And the whole thing was sorted in no time at all.

I then have spoken to people and read multiple reports on how quick the turn around for fixing issues in the Mist environment.

I now look forward to putting the Mist platform through some different scenarios and seeing exactly what it can do.



2 thoughts on “Mist a refreshing experience when you need a support case

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