WIFI Design Day – Sydney

Well what a great day put on by Ekahau around 100-150 WIFI people packed into the iconic Sydney Opera house to listen not to opera but to some great people talk about WIFI.


I was lucky enough to be one of the presenters delivering a presentation of Warehouse WIFI design. Now I do have a blog series coming up on this topic – if I manage to stay out of a warehouse long enough to write it up.

One of the other nice things about this day was I was able to catch up with so many WIFI friends both from Australia and some who had travelled from overseas. There was a wealth of knowledge with a number of CWNEs both presenting and just in attendance, and I loved the fact that whilst vendors did present it wasn’t a sales pitch and was kept pretty vendor neutral.

Photo of the presenters.

Now as promised my slide show has been made available here including some of the hidden slides. And as the embedded videos don’t play in a PDF I have embedded them to this post.

Copy of the Presentation – Warehouse Wireless Design – Ekahau Day

Once Ekahau put out the links to the video of the presentations I will update this post to include it.

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