Cape Networks

I recently had the opportunity to review the Cape Networks Sensor and WiFi monitoring software and first observations was how easy it was to implement.

I started off with unboxing the sensor, connecting it to a POE switch and then running the setup wizard from the web dashboard, straight away it found the sensor, showed the available SSiDs and after entering my credentials connected to my home wireless network and started testing. I configured some external sources to test againsts from a list of common sites (Facebook, Google, Dropbox etc) and that was it, it was off testing these from then on.

The Sensor comes with mounting bracket that can either be permanently secured via screws or utilise their 3M tape for environments where ad-hoc testing is required. The recommendation for mounting the sensor is near where clients would be located rather than to the roof.

The dashboard gives a nice overview page, giving a non technical health status of the wireless network.


It also allows a more technical drill down to each item:

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Following being quite impressed at the simplistic approach and ease of installation.

Another note that is worth mentioning is that the support is great, fast responses and open to new ideas of how to improve the testing ability. I have asked for selenium testing to allow more in depth testing to internal web servers rather than just its up and accessable, to do things like logging on, placing an order etc. which I have had good feedback from the support staff.

Current Limitations:

The current available sensor only supports a/b/g/n networks, however I am told that an 802.11ac model is coming out shortly. Likewise an outdoor variant is apparently in the works

Where to find more details:

Cape Networks presented at Mobility Field day 2 and you can watch the presentations from Cape here:

Lee Badman also wrote up a great review on his blog Wirednot which I recommend checking out.

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