Traditional RSSI Location Vs Cisco’s Hyperlocation Accuracy Real World Results Part 1 – The Walled Office

I recently installed a building with an RTLS design, along with Hyperlocation modules installed. The customer was looking to get 1-3m accuracy for associated devices. This building is a walled office, and Cisco Best practices for Hyperlocation state that the hyperlocation APs need line of sight between them which we don’t have in this building.

I marked out on a map a number of locations to take location accuracy tests from:

Accuracy Map2.png
Map of the Floor with points that accuracy tests were conducted from

I then used Cisco CMX to perform a location accuracy test:

Selecting Client Device
Starting Location Accuracy Test
Select the correct location of the device


Results of the accuracy test

The tests were conducted  using a MacBook Air and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

RTLS Results:

Caveat: In order to speed up the location sample collections inSSIDer was ran on both the devices to speed up the number of probes sent which CMX uses for location calculations.

CMX RTLS Accuracy tests1

CMX RTLS Accuracy tests2.png

Hyperlocation Results

Hyperlocation 1

Hyperlocation 2


CMX Results Accuracy tests1.png

CMX Results Accuracy tests2.png


In my opinion for the additional costs involved to install Hyperlocation within a “walled office” environment I can not see the ROI benefits. Until I repeat this test in a “open planned” environment the jury is still out in whether Hyperlocation gives any huge benefits over a traditional RSSI location service.

That being said one benefit that Hyperlocation did give was that the location accuracy was more correct more of the time compared to the RSSI location calculations.


2 thoughts on “Traditional RSSI Location Vs Cisco’s Hyperlocation Accuracy Real World Results Part 1 – The Walled Office

  1. Sorry for the delay getting Part 2 out, I have hit a bug and a few of my open planned office hyperlocation APs keep dropping off the WLC. I am working with TAC to resolve as soon as I have resolution I will get them remounted and do the accuracy tests and write up the blog


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