Walking Off The War Within

This post has nothing to do with wireless or technology, but is a cause that I hold close as an ex Army member and a Volunteer Firefighter with the CFA.


Last Saturday I completed a 20km walk with a 20kg pack around Victoria Park in Ballarat Victoria Australia, with Emergency Service Personnel, Defence Force Personnel & Members of the Public. This walk/ challenge was to help raise awareness of Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The 20kg pack was worn to symbolises the weight of depression and the equipment our service personnel often carry.


This walk / challenge came about to replicate the walk Firefighter Nathan Shanahan completed in April 2015 from Mildura to Adelaide. Nathan walked over 400 kilometres with a 20 kilogram pack to raise awareness of PTSD and Depression.


Sadley in December 2016 Firefighter Nathan Shanahan lost his battle with PTSD. Many of our service men and women have succumb to Depression and PTSD and taken their own lives.

There are lots of wonderful support services available to anyone suffering from Depression or PTSD and I have linked their websites below:

lifeline-300x142 blackdog  trump-300x142  sos

I would like to thank the event organisers and their sponsors which can all be found at the Walk off the War Within Website

Also like to thank Blair Dellemijn from Uniform Photography for some of the photos in this post

Some other photos taken of myself from various members of my CFA Brigade below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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