CCIE Wireless Here I Come

After months of hard work achieving my CWNE, I have recovered from a short break and am about to begin my journey to become CCIE Wireless.

Here’s my current plan, hope work and life don’t get too much in the way to allow me to spend as much time studying this as I think I’ll need.

I have purchased the platinum package from Network Dojo consisting of the following:

  • 2 Lab video Series
    • 1st Series is on each technology and how to configure
    • 2nd Series is on Troubleshooting each technology
  • Written Video Series
  • Workbooks (3 Volumes)
    • 1st Vol follows video series 1 on each technology
    • 2nd Vol follows troubleshooting each technology
    • 3rd Vol is Mock Labs
  • 300 Hours of Rack Rentals
  • Practice Written Questions
  • Mentoring Sessions with Jeff (once a week)
  • Study group chat via Ryver

Following completing all of the Network Dojo videos, labs and practice questions I plan on using multiple other sources to ensure I have covered everything on the blueprint in-depth.

Since I already have my ticket for Cisco Live Melbourne I plan on utilising there reduced certification exam pricing to give sitting the written whilst at CL. This will also enable me if not 100% ready for the written at that stage to see which areas I need to spend more time on.

I plan on blogging about each technology and component that I read up on during the studies, so keep a lookout for these in the coming months as will need to transcribe them into posing formats.


3 thoughts on “CCIE Wireless Here I Come

  1. Best of luck, Haydn. I have considered this path, but am so disgusted with Cisco’s wireless code quality for the last 10+ years I refuse to give Big C a penny of my (or my org’s) money for anything wireless-related beyond current commitments.

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    1. That’s fair enough Lee, I have also been quite concerned with QA of code for Cisco and other vendors (even outside the wireless/ network space) for quite some time. It’s like companies have lost the art of properly testing prior to release, or more likely they are trying to get to market faster so they can use the customers to beta test in production.

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