Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)

Well what is the Cisco CMX product? It is the replacement to Cisco's Mobility Services Engine (MSE) in the sense that it can show you where wireless devices are on a map. The two big differences are that CMX is now a stand alone application (altho it does require connections to WLCs, Prime). Cisco have …

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CMX – Installation / Configuration

Hardware Guidelines The following table lists the hardware guidelines for the Cisco MSE virtual appliance. I have installed to a VM with higher specifications than the High End Appliance and it appears that all extra vCPU are used, haven't done any benchmarking as to if it improves it.  Hardware Platform Basic Appliance Standard Appliance High-End …

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Using REST API to delete APs from Prime

I had a requirement to delete multiple access points that had been decommissioned from a network, but sitting there manually selecting them and deleting them would be painful. I decided to utilise the Prime Infrastructure 3.X published REST APIs to see if I could do this. The API Guide is here. (You Might need to sign …

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